Pediatric Dentistry in Midwest City, OK

Get your little one on the right path towards a lifetime of healthy smiles with pediatric dental care at our office. With a focus on prevention and education, our team of experts can help ensure your child's mouth is developing properly and minimize their chances of needing more complex treatment later in life. With gentle techniques and a caring approach, pediatric dentistry can keep your child healthy, so they can focus on what they do best: being a kid!

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Preventive Dentistry

Awesome dental habits start early, and our preventive dental care can help get your child on the right track for a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Cavities and toothaches are never fun, especially for your child. When it comes to treating decay in baby teeth, you may be wondering if there are alternatives to dental fillings. Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a non-invasive procedure that doesn't require any drills or shots and can be completed in minutes. Painting on a layer of SDF to the affected tooth not only kills the bacteria that cause decay but also remineralizes the tooth for added strength. If your little one has a cavity, fillings may not be the only option!


If you are struggling with breastfeeding, you are not alone! When a child has extra tissue in their frenulum it decreases mobility. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Frenectomies can be a great solution to help you and your newborn thrive. If your doctor recommends a frenectomy, it's because they deem it necessary to improve your baby's quality of life. And while any surgical procedure can sound scary, frenectomies are a simple procedure that can solve a complex problem.

OUCOD Pediatric Honors

Experience award-winning pediatric dentistry with Midwest City dentist Dr. Leaha Nels, recipient of the prestigious OUCOD Pediatric Honors. With a deep understanding of children's unique dental needs and a gentle approach, Dr. Nels ensures a comfortable and positive dental experience for young patients. Her commitment to excellence in pediatric dentistry is reflected in her personalized care and the trust she builds with both children and parents.

Sleep Apnea Treatment for Kids

An airway issue extends far beyond mere difficulty in breathing. Left untreated, it can significantly impact your child's quality of sleep and hinder their overall well-being. At our practice, we specialize in expert treatments designed to specifically address these concerns by effectively opening up their airway, allowing them to breathe effortlessly and thrive with improved whole-body health.

Early Interceptive Orthodontics | Phase 1

Orthodontic care for your child might seem extreme, but it can save time and money in the future. The sooner you get treatment for your child, the better. Being proactive early can correct problems while your child's teeth are still growing, eliminating the need for complex procedures as they get older. Phase 1 orthodontics is a great way to simplify future treatments. If you are interested in learning more about phase 1 orthodontics, get in touch with us today.

Did you know?

Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease.

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